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What does Hijab mean to me?

By December 23, 2023No Comments

hijab is me and I am hijab 

my most important identity is my faith.

It comes above anything else

to me, hijab is my way of being Muslim in the world.

how we feel about things fluctuates and changes over time

And the reality is

some days I wear it because I love being a Muslim and I want people to know that I’m a Muslim and other days [I wear it out of habit and other days I wear it because that’s just what I do in the morning]. [i would only keep one of the 2 (habit and morning), they both mean the same thing so whichever you feel flows better]

and sometimes I wear it because it is an active expression of faith. 

and that ebbs and flows.

 it’s part of who I am.

 it will keep being part of who I am. 

And that’s just it for me. 

For you, as someone looking at me 

hijab should just be a piece of clothing that’s on my head

–  you don’t have to put any meaning on it. 

The meaning comes from me. 

*francophone, muslim, hijabi