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Support Immigration and Settlement

Over the next five years, CASSA will commit to the following:

  • facilitate processes that aim to build more inclusive and accessible communities in regions where immigrants settle across Canada.
  • develop tools and resources to support resettlement through community-based research.
  • advocate on behalf of newcomers collectively to eliminate barriers to decent work.
  • document and bring awareness to the histories of South Asians in Canada.
  • advocate for the elimination of systemic barriers to the civic participation of immigrants,
    and create civic engagement capacity building tools for newcomers and immigrants.
  • engage newcomers and other South Asian communities in education about the true history of Canada as a settler colonial state and actions toward truth and reconciliation.

Economic Empowerment

Over the next five years, CASSA will commit to the following:

  • create awareness about the racialization of poverty and work with networks and
    coalitions to advocate for systemic changes to alleviate South Asians of poverty.
  • advocate for accessible and affordable childcare for low and middle-income South
    Asians in Canada.
  • advocate for the right to adequate and safe housing for South Asians and to improve outcomes for those who are unhoused
  • support campaigns and movements for workers’ rights.

Enhance Health Equity

Over the next five years, CASSA will commit to the following:

  • build coalitions with South Asian and other racialized communities focused on health equity to advocate for policies that improve health outcomes.
  • advocate for the development and implementation of a South Asian Health Strategy for
    Ontario including culturally and linguistically accessible health services.
  • support the development of mental health tools, services, and resources that are inclusive and tailored to South Asian communities.
  • advocate for, support, secure, and disseminate health equity-focused research initiatives and race-based disaggregated data collection including data on the impact of COVID-19 on South Asian communities.
  • advocate for the rights of South Asian seniors’ health and culturally adapted long-term care.
  • advocate for the rights of South Asians with different abilities and disabilities.

Advance Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

CASSA will work with other organizations, activists, and stakeholders to address the various gaps related to gender equity. CASSA, during the next five years, will focus on three key areas:

  • develop and deliver ongoing Anti-racism and Anti-oppression training for CASSA member agencies, partners, groups, government institutions, and private corporations.
  • create youth leadership training and opportunities grounded in anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks.
  • work with researchers and academics to ensure academic research and community-based research uses anti-oppressive and equity lenses and use decolonial practices of
    consultation and data collection.
  • advocate for anti-racism, decolonial, and anti-oppressive policies and education at school boards across Canada.
  • create learning opportunities for South Asian communities on anti-Indigenous, anti-
    Black, anti-South Asian, and anti-Asian racism.

Gender Equity and Empowerment

Over the next five years, CASSA will commit to the following:

  • develop and implement race-based data collection based on leading practices in the
    fields of gender-based violence and intimate partner violence to support evidence-based service delivery
  • build awareness what gender-based violence and intimate partner violence
    looks in the South Asian communities and advocates for policy and program changes.
  • partner with organizations and groups to advocate for the rights of gender-diverse individuals and communities.

Combat Online Hate, Hate Crimes, and Hate Speech

Over the next five years, CASSA will commit to the following:

  • build and sustain collaborations with racialized communities and faith groups to combat hate in all forms.
  • advocate for legislation to combat the rise of online hate.
  • work with institutions collecting data to make processes of hate crime reporting accessible and trauma-informed.
  • build the capacity of agencies and groups to combat online hate, hate crimes, and hate speech.
  • create opportunities for and support interfaith and interracial dialogue.