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The Coalition for Racial Equity in Education is in partnership with Urban Alliance on Race Relations and is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The project builds the capacity of Muslim-identifying high school students and parents with advocacy skills to have their voices heard in decision-making spaces on school boards.

Goal: The goal of this project is to combat racism and Islamophobia in Ontario’s education system through community capacity building and advocating for systemic changes in policies at school boards.

From 2020 to 2022 CASSA worked directly with the Peel District School Board and Toronto District School Board to advocate for an Anti-Islamophobia board-wide strategy. We gained tremendous success in October 2021 when the Peel District School Board became the first school board in Canada to pass a motion to establish a comprehensive Anti-Islamophobia strategy. TDSB is not there yet, but we are confident with the new Trustees just elected to the board, we can get this done!  For the next 3 years, we will be continuing this project and by popular demand, shifting our focus to York Region District School Board and Durham District School Board.

We are currently recruiting parent and high school student volunteers from YRDSB and DDSB to work with us through this next phase of the campaign!

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