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Improving Hate-Crime Reporting

For this project we are working with Toronto Police, York Region Police, Peel Region Police, and Ottawa Police to facilitate discussions. The goal of these discussions and collaborations is to:

  1. Develop community awareness campaigns to educate the public on understanding hate, how to identify hate crimes, and safe methods of reporting.
  2. Create and deliver training workshops for police staff, to educate them on what is happening on the community level, and how to work with communities to report/address hate crimes.

What is a Hate Crime? What are the process and likelihood of charges being brought against someone for a Hate Crime?

These questions have different responses depending on who is doing the talking. There is a gap in the way that the police and the public perceive Hate Crimes. This two-year Provincially funded project comes from the Ministry of the Solicitor General in the form of a Safer and Vital Communities Grant.

“Our aim is to bridge this gap by creating a safe space for discussion and collaboration between police regions and communities to implement a community-based approach to addressing hate-motivated crimes in Ontario.”

Maiura MuralitharanHate-Crime Reporting Project Coordinator


The project aimed to inform community members about the differences between hate-motivated crimes and incidents, methods of reporting, and places community members may report to. The HCRP team developed infographics to be used by community members and community organizations alike to build awareness in our communities in recognizing and reporting hate. Infographics are available in English, French, Arabic, Urdu, and Simplified Chinese.

Key Definitions

Steps to Reporting


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Notable Project Engagements

  • Podcast by CASSA
  • Hosted a virtual training session on “The Limits of Hate Crimes Approach: Integrating Critical Race Intersectional Analysis” facilitated by Dr. Wesley Crichlow, Ph.D.
    • This event occurred on November 23, 2022, and was attended by York Regional Police, Toronto Police, Peel Regional Police, Ottawa Police Service, Ontario Provincial Police, and Waterloo Regional Police.
  • Training presentations on research results and recommendations to all four partnered police services.
    • These sessions occurred between November 2022 and January 2023 and were supported by numerous community partners and organizations.
  • The project featured in the InSauga newspaper article: Project aims to bolster hate crime reporting in Mississauga and Brampton | InSauga
  • Conducted the “Facilitating Hate Crime Reporting” workshop at CASSA’s conference: Unlocking your Social Justice Potential: Capacity Building 101

Police Training Content

Hate-motivated Crime Explainer Playlist

Hate Incident Explainer Playlist

Press Release


Press Release

Community organization launches report on police-reported hate crimes

February 17, 2023
Community organization releases data on police-reported hate crimes and launches public awareness campaign. The Council…