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Become a Member

The membership fee is only $20 for individuals and is on a sliding scale for agencies depending on operational budgets starting at $25. If you wish to become a member, please fill out the appropriate form below. We will review your documents and will communicate our decision for approving or denying your application. If you are approved, we will provide you details to pay your membership fee.

Membership Letter

CASSA’s mission is to facilitate the economic, social, political, and cultural empowerment of South Asians by serving as a resource for information, research, mobilization, coordination, and leadership on social justice issues affecting our communities.

The Benefits of becoming CASSA’s Member Agency

Event Promotion
Promote your events by publishing them on our website, social media, and newsletters.

Get more Volunteers
Post volunteer opportunities online to expand your outreach and volunteer base.

Attend our AGM
Attend our Annual General Meeting which includes engaging panel discussions, awards, and opportunities to network.

Regular updates
Receive regular updates with information on community events, funding opportunities, and opportunities to partner with CASSA on grant applications.

Networking hub
Network with others in the community who work for social justice and equity in Ontario.

Your membership and solidarity will help CASSA promote its social and economic justice undertaking through the representation of interests and needs on policies at all three levels of government.

Get on the board
Priority for the board of director’s vacancies.

Enhanced access
Have enhanced access to various research papers and publications focusing on South Asians and other racialized communities in Ontario.

Free training
Receive free training on various topics including power & privilege, anti-racism & anti-oppression, communication, micro-aggressions, being allies and solidarity, etc.

Advertise with us
The opportunity to advertise in CASSA’s monthly newsletters to over 3000 agencies and individuals as well as publicize events and job postings etc. on CASSA’s social media.

Collaboration help
CASSA’s assistance in collaborating with diverse agencies and individuals, and attainment of essential input and feedback from the South Asian communities in Ontario.

Receive discounts on CASSA events such as conferences, summits, galas, etc.

Priority on grants
Priority is given to member agencies for any capacity-building grants received by CASSA.

Mindful Monday & Mindfulness Moments:
After enduring the challenges of a strenuous workday, whether it’s mental stress or physical fatigue, it’s crucial to master the art of unplugging and rejuvenating your mind and body. This brief but impactful session is designed to empower you with a refreshed mindset and energized body, allowing you to return to your work with renewed positivity and mindfulness

Mindful Monday:
Every Monday (In-person & virtual)

Mindfulness Moments:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. Elevate your staff meetings, events, workshops or conferences by incorporating a personalized mindfulnesss essions.(Virtual)

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Group Chat Feature
Our group chat is a fantastic way to stay connected, share ideas, and foster a sense of community among members. Whether you have questions, need support, or simply want to chat with fellow members, the group chat is the perfect platform.

Quarterly Capacity Building Workshops
Arranging capacity building workshops and informative sessions on quarterly basis for members, inviting special guest speakers.

Anti-Hate Community Leaders’ Group Members

Download the list of Anti-Hate Community Leaders’ Group Members.

CASSA’s Members

Download the list of our member organizations.