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#EradicateHate 2.0 is an adaptation of the #EradicateHate Toolkit specifically for children and youth in Ontario. The goal of this Toolkit will be: to create interactive and relevant content for children and youth which will raise awareness about the impact of online hate and the harms it can cause on individuals and communities, to provide support and resources to build the capacity of children and youth to recognize, to combat and take down online hate. The age groups that we will focus on for this project will be children between the ages of 8-14 years old and youth between the ages of 15-24 years old. In this #EradicateHate 2.0 project, modes and styles of communication will be specifically targeted toward children and youth such as the use of storytelling, social media, animations, graphics, posters, cell phone apps, and games.


This will be a six-month project starting in November 2022 and ending in April 2023. During phase 1, a need assessment will be conducted of the types of support children and youth need in the space of online hate. During phase 2, the content was created based on the results of consultation and secondary research. Followed by a brief series of focus groups with children and youth to test content before dissemination. In phase 3, the tools and resources will be shared Ontario-wide through social media platforms, the Anti-hate Community Leaders’ Group, school boards, partnerships, and organizations