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#EradicateHate 2.0 is an adaptation of the #EradicateHate Toolkit specifically for children and youth in Ontario. The goal of this Toolkit is to create interactive and relevant content for children and youth which will raise awareness about the impact of online hate and the harm it can cause to individuals and communities and provide support and resources to build the capacity of children and youth to recognize, combat, and take down online hate.

The Toolkit can be found in the form of an App and is intended for children between 8-14 years old and youth between 15-24 years old.

#EradicateHate 2.0 modes and styles of communication are specifically targeted toward children and youth such as the use of an App, storytelling, social media, animations, graphics, posters, and games.

For feedback or questions about the Toolkit or App, please contact:
Pirathajini Chandrakumar: pirathajini@cassa.on.ca
Noor Fadel: noorfadel@cassa.on.ca


Download EradicateHate on Google Play Store and Apple Store. To download the app, please use the following links:

Translated Resources (Arabic, French, Simplified Chinese, Tamil, Punjabi and English) For:


Resources For:

Educators/Community Leaders



Download Infographics

Awareness Posters

Download Awareness Posters

The project is funded by the funded by the Ontario  Ministry of Citizenship and Multiculturalism’s Anti Racism Directorate.