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As part of the Collaborative to Combat Online Hate in partnership with the Anti-Hate Community Leaders Group, the Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) has compiled research to create a toolkit and a host of other resources for agencies with a social justice mandate, agencies serving racialized communities and religious minorities, non-racialized allies, and racialized community advocates or religious minority community advocates who want to combat online hate.


The aim of this project is to build the capacity of the aforementioned groups through digital literacy to both effectively combat online hate and provide content support to those who become victims of online hate. It is important to note that the focus areas of hate for this project are narrowed down to hate caused by racism and xenophobia.


out of 5 Canadians have experienced some form of online hate [2021 survey]


Canadians have seen online racist or hate speech


Canadians support requirements to remove racist or hateful content within 24 hours

A Toolkit to Combat Online Hate

Through this toolkit, learn more about online hate, being a better ally, how to prepare your organization, and the resources that are available to you. Check out the contents below. Version française disponible.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Education

  1. What is classified as hate speech and hate content
  2. A summary of hate in Canada
  3. Types of Online Hate
  4. The Impact of Hate
  5. Ideologies of Hate
  6. Myth vs. Fact

Part 2: Action

  1. Allyship and Solidarity
  2. 5 D’s of Bystander Intervention: Online Edition
  3. Threat Assessment Checklist
  4. When you’re facing online hate: ERRR on the side of caution
  5. Words Matter
  6. Train and prepare your organization

Part 3: Digital Security

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. TikTok
  4. Zoom
  5. Facebook

Part 4: Resources

  1. Self-care Methods
  2. Resources
  3. Reporting to Law Enforcement
  4. Third-Party Reporting and Victim Services
  5. Human Rights Commissions
  6. Community Organizations

Supplement Features

#EradicateHate Spotlights

Available in English and French | Version française disponible

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Reflect 2 Connect

This interactive game offers the space to reflect on our identities and biases through personal experiences and navigating the online world. Version française disponible.

Inspired by the card game “We’re Not Really Strangers”, our questions hope to spark connections between people by encouraging open dialogue and vulnerability.

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Anti-Hate Conversation Series

The Anti-Hate Conversation Series is a facebook-live-turned podcast series that aims to spread awareness on current hate-related and social justice issues by inviting speakers to provide insights into the underlying causes and next steps for these issues.

Available to listen on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts!

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Summarized Slide Decks

The twelve slide decks below serve as summarized information banks on topics related to online hate. Each slide deck can be used separately for individual topics as shareable material, a training tool or in tandem with the Eradicate Hate toolkit.

Version française disponible.

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Special thanks to our funding and community partners

For our list of official partners, please here click here