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Does the Internationalization of Higher Education in Canadian Universities/Colleges Promote Inclusion or a Structure of Exploitation? A Study of South Asian Students’ Perspectives

While collaborating with Councils of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) and the University of Toronto, this project aims to explore the experiences of South Asian international students in Ontarian universities and colleges and investigate the ways in which the internationalization process of these institutions shapes students’ socio-cultural and academic integration and success in Canada. It will also examine students’ perspectives on the internationalization process as well as their needs for better academic and social integration. The study mainly asks whether this internationalization process fosters a culture of inclusion or promotes a structure of further exploitation for these students. It is a case study-based qualitative research primarily conducting in-depth, semi-structured interviews with South Asian international students and institutions’ key personnel. In the end, this project will also suggest some policy recommendations for improving students’ experiences in Ontario.

The three-year project will be completed in three phases: first phase: literature review, ethics approval, and recruitment of participants; second phase: interview and data collection; and third phase: data analysis, policy recommendation, and dissemination of results. The project is progressing at its actual pace. While Ethics approval from U of T has been done, the researcher along with CASSA is working on some social awareness posts and messages. The recruitment phase will start by the end of March. CASSA will reach out to the communities to invite South Asian Students to participate in the interview sessions. Each participant will receive $20 dollar gift card as compensation for their participation time.